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Add your knowledge to Synthmuseum.com!

Do you have information on a synthesizer we do not have in the museum? Or do you know of an instrument or manufacturer that is not listed in the "In The Works" sections of the directory pages? If so we'd like to hear about it.

We are also interested in manuals, schematics, as well as interesting electronic music information and facts.

Share your knowledge with the online community. All those who contribute information or pictures to the Synthmuseum will be credited with a link back to their website or email address.

We want to display as many electronic instruments as possible in the Synthmuseum, along with their owners' names (with links, where possible) and any other relevant information. If you have a synth that you would like displayed in the Synthmuseum, just fill out the submission form and we'll get started on your synth's page. If you're not sure whether your instrument qualifies, just ask. It probably does. Please read the following guidelines:

  • Submit only instruments manufactured before 1990.

  • We welcome synths made by any manufacturer, as well as homemade, hybrid or mutant instruments.

  • We are especially interested in vintage, rare and unusual items, but... don't hesitate to submit your "ordinary" instruments.

  • Also don't be discouraged if we already have your instrument in the museum. We want as many of each instrument as we can get. When we get multiple submissions of the same model, each instrument will have its own page, but the one with the best photo and/or the most interesting information will be displayed most prominently.

To submit an instrument, download the form, submit.txt, and save it to disk. Fill out the form and send it to the Synthmuseum, along with a picture of the instrument. You may email the form and attach a TIFF or JPEG image, or you may snail-mail the form with a picture print to:

399 School Street, #2
Watertown, MA 02472

It's important that we receive the picture and the info together. Feel free to submit as many instruments as you want. If you have any questions, Contact Us.

Download submit.txt

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