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- historical and technical information for over 240 vintage instruments
- historical information for over 70 vintage manufactures.

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Described by Keyboard Magazine as "an information rich and well-organized resource that serves as a terrific reference" and "an excellent first stop for researching particular synths or just exploring", Synthmuseum.com offers the opportunity for advertisers to market to a uniquely targeted audience through sponsorship of this extensive online content.

Synthmuseum.com Visitors
Synthmuseum enables its sponsors to reach a uniquely highly targeted audience:

  • Synthmuseum.com has established itself as the resource for those looking to purchase or restore used synthesizers.
  • 29.2% of Synthmuseum.com visitors come directly from Ebay.
  • Synthmuseum.com has global appeal with over 25% of the traffic coming from outside the US. The majority of these visits come from Sweden, Germany, UK, Australia, the Netherlands and France.
  • For more demographic information, check out the results of our recent survey.

Sponsorship of Synthmuseum.com content areas is the most effective way to reach a targeted audience. Sponsors get their banner ad placed at the top of every page in the sponsorship area.

Sponsorship includes a monthly report of the activity of your area including the number of impressions and number of click-through for your ads.

Traffic Statistics (average statistics as of March, 2001)

  • over 1,700 visitors a day.
  • over 5,800 pageviews a day.
  • Daily, a typical visitor views 3.4 pages.

  • over 35,000 unique visitors a month.
  • over 160,000 pageviews a month.
  • Monthly, a typical person views 4.5 pages.

Traffic Growth
Synthmuseum traffic has grown steadily at a rate of about 7% per quarter.

To become a Synthmuseum.com sponsor,
please contact:

Jay Williston
jay @ synthmuseum.com

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Hits - A hit is a request for any component of a website. If a page has 5 images then when that page is viewed it counts as 6 hits, one for the page itself and one for each image that appears on the page. This fact makes hits a poor judge of website traffic.

Impressions - This is simply how many times an ad has been asked for. Unfortunately this can be misleading due to browser caching. If a person returns to a page they have recently visited, chances are the images will not be asked for because the browser has saved a copy of that image and is using it to increase the load time. That is why the pageviews number may differ from the impression number of ads that appear on those pages. Because of caching images, pageviews are a more accurate count of the frequency an ad is viewed.

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Unique Hosts - This describes the number of individual machines which requested information from a website (usually measured monthly). This is the closest metric a website has to circulation, although it is possible with a large ISP such as AOL that many users are connecting to a website through the same machine. This is also true with a corporate multi-user connection which uses a firewall machine through which all of their employees are connected.

Visits/Sessions - A Visit (also called a Session) is defined as a consecutive sequence of requests from a unique host separated by 30 minutes. If someone visits a website they will be making requests for pages and images from that website. If they are inactive for over 30 minutes and then make more requests, their activity is counted as two visits. This is the standard set and used by Nielson Data Research.

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