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Museum : Content Editor Program

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. Available Content Editorships:

The BME Room
The Böem Room (preferably someone who knows a little German)
The Casio Room
The CRB Elettronica Room
The Crumar Room
The Davoli Room
The Electronic Music Studios (EMS) Room
The Electronic Dream Plant (EDP) Room
The Elka Room
The Ensoniq Room
The Kawai/Teisco Room
The Korg Room
The Kurzweil Room
The Oberheim Room
The Optigan Room
The OSC (Oxford Synthesizer Company) Room
The Roland Room (one of the largest and ambitious editorial areas. This may necessitate 2 Editors, one needs to be in the Boston area due to the large amount of scanning involved.)
The Synclavier (New England Digital) Room
The Synergy/GDS/Digital Keyboards Room
The Univox Room
The Yamaha Room

Is your expertise or the manufacturer you are most interested in not listed here? Let us know what you have in mind. Also, take a look at our Research List on our main page.
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Synthmuseum.com Content Editor Program

We are looking for people who are interested in learning and writing about vintage synthesizer manufacturers and their instruments. Participants can choose which manufacture they are most interested in researching.

The main manufacture page will prominently display the name and picture of the Content Editor for that area. For instance, on the Aries room main page there will be a box with a picture of a person and the caption will read John Doe, Aries Editor (with a link to John Doe's website, if applicable). There may also be a small bit of biographical information describing who John Doe is.

Content Editors will be responsible for:

  • Researching and compiling information about their specific manufacture and their instruments. Currently Synthmuseum is only interested in instruments which were manufactured pre-1990.
  • Working with Synthmuseum.com to write the content to appear in their manufacture room.*
  • Working with Synthmuseum.com to answer questions and comments about that manufacture and their instruments.
  • Research and work with Synthmuseum.com to correct typos and necessary changes in information.

Once a Content Editor has contributed to the content of the Synthmuseum their name will be forever associated with that content for the life of the Synthmuseum. Even if they decide later to not be involved in the Content Editor program.*

If you are interested in becoming part of the Synthmuseum.com team, please contact us.

(*Work done by Content Editor, although credited to them, becomes property and copyright of Synthmuseum.com.)

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