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Moog CDX

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. Manufacturer:
Thomas Organ Co., designed by them and Cordovox for Moog

Moog CDX (commonly called the Moog Organ or the Moog Cordovox)

Production period:

Quantity produced:

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Who played this instrument?

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above photo from the collection of The New England Synthesizer Museum, David Hillel Wilson, Curator. Dave refers to this beast as the "White Elephant".

The Moog Satellite was designed to be an organ player's synth. It was manufactured by the Thomas Organ Company, who paid a large royalty to be allowed to manufacture the Satellite for Moog. In return they were allowed to incorporate the Satellite into their organs. Thomas Organ Company also, along with Cordovox, designed the Moog CDX.

The Moog CDX is basically a Cordovox organ with a built in Satellite monosynth. It is the only organ product that bears the Moog name prominently across the front. Somewhat rare in the US, they seem to be in plentiful supply in parts of europe.

"The one I bought in '87 was probably [in mint condition]. It came encased in an IMMENSE red vinyl transport bag with white lettering and a white carrying handle. Inside were, apart from the organ, four metal legs that screwed into stubs on the bottom; an expression pedal that plugged into a recess in the bottom (not sure if the pedal was authentic). There was also a small booklet explaining functions. They were really odd beasts, the organ part was rather good but the synth was nasty and thin." ------Paul Smit, Netherlands

Famous Fingers
Who Played This Instrument?

Brian Kehew and Roger Manning of The Moog Cookbook

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