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Joe Paradiso's Minimoog

above image from the collection of Joe Paradiso, Medford, MA. Read An Interview With Dr. Joseph Paradiso

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Joe has modified this Minimoog to become a part of his giant modular system. In An Interview With Dr. Joseph Paradiso, Joe describes how he came about hooking it up to a special panel of his modular system:

    "I wanted to access all the oscillators and everything, totally separately, so I found all the points inside for the various control functions. Broke them up, put a jack in each one, made a [28] cable bundle, so the Minimoog is now totally abstracted. There are now separate control for the oscillators. I can Pulse-Width Modulate all of them independently, and make a complicated sound. I can control all the oscillators at once like the keyboard does. I have all the modulation waveforms coming out, the pitchbender...I can put in, take stuff out, stuff from the keyboard so the whole Minimoog is now abstracted to this panel."

Joe continues to say that the Minimoog still works "just like a Minimoog always did" as long as there are no cables plugged into it.

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